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NSW Business Chamber, the state's peak business organisation, has been helping to promote the prosperity and capability of Australian businesses for more than 185 years.

The Sydney Business Chamber, a division of the NSW Business Chamber, was established in 1826 as the Sydney Chamber of Commerce. This makes the Chamber the second oldest business entity still operating in NSW today.

In 1885, the Chamber of Manufactures of NSW was founded to lobby on behalf of its members, primarily for a better deal on tariff policies. Since adopting a new constitution in 1895, the Chamber has maintained a non-political stance to champion the broader interests of NSW businesses, which it continues to the present day.

In 1912, the Chamber of Manufactures of NSW set up the Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company (now MMI). The insurance company arm was established primarily to indemnify employers against claims that might be made by their employees who were injured at work, and was in direct response to the new Workmen's Compensation Act of 1910.

The Chamber continued to expand in NSW over the following years, opening offices in Newcastle, Lismore, Wollongong and Ballina.

In 1995, the Chamber of Manufactures of NSW broke its tie with MMI, selling its shares of the company and changing its name to Australian Business Limited. The sale of MMI shares made Australia Business Limited one of the most well funded business organisations in Australia.

In 2006, Australian Business Limited merged with the State Chamber of Commerce (NSW) to become Australian Business Limited (incorporating the State Chamber of Commerce) then later ABL/State Chamber.

In January 2007, ABL/State Chamber changed its name to the NSW Business Chamber.

Today, NSW Business Chamber represents over 16,000 member businesses and provides a wide range of business services to both members and non-member clients through our Commercial division, Australian Business Solutions Group.
Over 20,000 businesses each year benefit from our education, networking, products and services necessary for businesses to operate effectively and grow - domestically and abroad. 

As a member of the Australian Chamber Alliance and the broader Chamber movement across Australia, NSW Business Chamber continues to provide valuable support to its members through a range of programs and services, and actively represents their concerns as the ‘voice of business’ at all levels of government.
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