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Corporate governance

NSW Business Chamber Limited (NSWBC) is a membership organisation with governance exercised in four distinct areas:


The Board oversees and controls the affairs of the company and sets the strategic direction for the organisation.

The Board has established the following Committees, each with their own Charter:

  • Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Human Resources & Succession Committee
  • Commercial Services Committee

The Board has appointed independent advisors to assist with the management of its substantial investment portfolio.


Management conducts the day to day operations of the company in accordance with the strategy and guidelines established by the Board.

State Council

State Council is the principal advisory body of the company. It elects from its members the Office Bearers and up to five members of the Board and prescribes the number of Regional and Member Elected Councillors on the NSWBC Council.

State Council has a number of Standing Committees with their own Charters which include:

  • Business Environment and Economics Committee
  • Infrastructure Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Occupational Health & Safety Committee
  • Sydney Business Chamber Regional Council
  • Workforce Skills Committee
  • Workplace Relations Committee

Regional Councils act as advisory bodies to the NSWBC State Council on policy issues affecting the Regions and facilitate a line of communication with members, the NSWBC Council, Board and Management.

NSW Business Chamber Constitution
NSW Business Chamber Council By-Laws
Regional Council Charter
Board of Directors Charter
Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee Charter
Commercial Services Committee Charter
HR & Succession Committee Charter
Investment Committee Charter

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