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Welcome to the wonderful world of Web 3.0.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Web 3.0.

After spending two days at a Web 3.0 Conference last week, I walked out brimming with grand visions of a new online experience, context driven and personalised.  The big potential is for all businesses to leverage new ways to attract, retain and service customers is clear.

So what’s Web 3.0?

Let’s keep it simple. Web 3.0 (or Semantic Web) means that the machines are getting smarter about the way they process, interpret and deliver the massive amount of data online. 

As a user, it means that the content delivered to me via search engines will be personalised, based on online data recording my interests, likes and dislikes, and those of my important social connections.

Web 3.0 also means that the content will be delivered in context – so the machines will know what device I am using, where I am located, and even who I am with.

So let’s say I search for ‘Thai Food’ on my phone, while walking in Sydney CBD, with my colleague Paula. 

In Web 3.0, a Thai restaurant currently open for lunch, with a mobile website, located in Sydney, which has been previously ‘liked’ by Paula, would be top of the content returned. Very cool indeed...

So back to reality.

Based on my teams’ experience during the recent Online Growth Seminars, the vast majority of the 1200 NSW businesses that attended were still struggling with Web 2.0 and social media (and some were still coming to grips with Web 1.0 – but I won’t name names here – you know who you are)!

Unfortunately, the web continues its break neck speed, and it’s not waiting for you to catch up.  Web 3.0 will become our reality in a few short years, and many companies are already building and tagging their content accordingly.

So what should your business be thinking about now?  Here are three ideas:

  1. Get mobile the majority of users are now accessing information via mobile devices. Sales of smart devices outsold laptops and desktops combined in the last months. And Android is outselling the iPhone in several markets, so having ‘just an app’ is no longer a solution.

  2. Get involved in social media – both as a user, company and advertiser.  It’s free to post discussions and content (or very cheap to advertise) and offers a lot more market profiling than Google.

  3. Use video users are attracted to video on the page, and the trend is to use YouTube as a search engine for solutions, not just music videos and fun.

Kathryn Rae
Senior Manager, Marketing Consulting
Australian Business Consulting and Solutions

Kathryn leads the Marketing Consulting team at Australian Business Consulting & Solutions, helping businesses with website, brand, digital and marketing strategies.  For more information, contact Kathryn.

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