Small and medium-sized business is the engine room of our national economy and provides jobs for more than seven million Australians, but excessive regulation is currently acting as a handbrake on growth in this vital economic sector. We keep you up-to-date on what really matters.

Latest News

Stay on top of the latest news impacting your business and the economy. See our comments on the issues that are affecting business.

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See our latest whitepapers, business tips and articles in our business resources area.

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Media Contacts

Find out our view on a business issue or speak to one of our media contacts.

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Thinking Business

NSW Business Chamber’s Thinking Business Program is a research initiative that aims to identify issues concerning NSW businesses and investigate how these issues might best be addressed.

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Business Connect Magazine

Business Connect is a 'must-read' member publication addressing the most important issues and strategies that every business - whether small or large - should be aware of.

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Annual Reports

Tracing our heritage back to 1826 there is a lot that the Chamber has been involved in to help business prosper. View NSW Business Chamber's Annual Reports to see our annual round up of activities.

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Business Surveys

The NSW Business Chamber conducts regular quarterly surveys on business conditions and an annual survey on Red Tape to support NSW Business Chamber’s interaction with government on behalf of the business community.

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