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Sydney Business Chamber welcomes Infrastructure NSW plan

Release Date: 3/10/2012

The Sydney Business Chamber has welcomed the release of Infrastructure NSW’s twenty year plan as thoughtful, measured, smart and an achievable blueprint to grow the Sydney and NSW economies and make NSW number 1 again.
“Putting Sydney Airport and Port Botany front and centre in terms of the highest priority project recognises the strategic value that could be generated by the WestConnex motorway,” said Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.
“I am particularly pleased to see the priority Infrastructure NSW has placed on strengthening the links between Port Botany and Sydney Airport and the M4/M5 corridors. Developing greater transport capacity along these essential freight corridors is paramount if we are to support the growth of the Sydney economy.
“The innovative approach Infrastructure NSW has taken to increasing transport capacity in this corridor is correct. Rather than look at building two separate projects – duplicating the M5 East and building the M4 East – Infrastructure NSW has developed a holistic solution that improves access from the M4/M5 to the Port and Airport in one project.
Mrs Forsythe said Sydney Airport has plenty of capacity left in it, and Infrastructure NSW’s advice on how to maximise the advantages of Sydney Airport should be embraced by the Federal and State Governments.
“It is time to take some tough decisions, including lifting the access fee at Sydney Airport’s two railway stations.
“Congestion on Sydney roads and rail is the single biggest challenge to economic prosperity and liveability. The priority given to solving some critical challenges for managing Sydney’s growth is the message of the report that must be embraced by the NSW Government.
“Suggested new development corridors in the Maroubra and Parramatta Road precincts highlight that Sydney has plenty of capacity for growth within its inner and middle ring suburbs. It’s an exciting proposition that should be explored.”
The Western Sydney Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, David Borger, said that he supported the focus on the economic opportunities emerging in Western Sydney and the recognition that new bus routes centred on Parramatta was critical to the growing importance of the Parramatta CBD.
Mr Borger said the proposal to reshape Parramatta Road as a major residential and commercial precinct would be a major benefit of the recommended road projects.
“The continued growth and success of the Western Sydney economy depends on reducing the cost of congestion and having clear and reliable access to the Port and Airport.
“The identification of the flood risks from Warragamba Dam is an issue that must be put on the table for community and government consideration. The report highlights major risks for the community of Western Sydney and puts at risk its reputation as a reliable place in which to invest.
Mr Borger noted one opportunity missed in the INSW report was recognition of the need for enhanced Arts spending in Western Sydney.”

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