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Operations and business process improvement

Operations and processes form the backbone of your business. By facilitating continuous process improvement and streamlining your operations, you:
  • Find greater efficiencies
  • manage risk more effectively
  • improve productivity.
We can provide the right tools, services and advice to help you implement rigorous operational procedures, giving you more time to focus on your core business activities.

Free resources to help you with business process improvement include:

Find out how to cut down on wastage in your business with this free download.


Download 5 free tips to help protect your website's domain name.

Process improvement articles

Process improvement assistance and services

Process improvement consultants – 3 month business program

Business Vitality Plus is a practical three month business improvement program. A dedicated specialist adviser will work with you in your business to identify areas where you can streamline your processes and achieve stronger results.

Your process improvement business adviser will help you:

  • identify key improvement activities that will add the most value to your business
  • develop a detailed action plan to help achieve your objectives
  • implement the action plan and take your business to the next level.
Find out more about Business Vitality™ Plus.

Legal services

Need legal advice? Our members receive access to discounted legal services through Australian Business Lawyers and Advisors, a boutique legal practice specialising in workplace, corporate and commercial law. Visit Australian Business Lawyers and Advisors website.

Entrepreneurs' Infrastrucure Programme

We can help improve the performance of your business through the Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure Programme

The program is an Australian Government initiative designed to help businesses improve productivity, increase competitiveness and fully capitalise on their growth potential. Learn more about the Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure Programme.


Process improvement tools

Business diagnostic tool

Business Vitality Check™ is a secure online tool that will help you:

  • assess the health of your business
  • benchmark your performance against key business success drivers.

You’ll receive a comprehensive report on the health of your business, including recommendations that you can implement immediately to facilitate process improvement and streamline operations. Find out more about Business Vitality™ Check.

Business Legals Toolkit – templates and business documents

Our members enjoy free access to a suite of business documents and templates, which cover areas such as sample commercial agreements, corporate governance, compliance with regulatory bodies and other business documents. Find out more.

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