• Restaurant faces court for allegedly underpaying staff more than $87,000

    27 Jan 2016

    The operators of an Malaysian restaurant, Haymarket, inner Sydney are facing Court for allegedly short-changing six casual employees all from non-English speaking backgrounds tens of thousands of dollars and using false records to try to disguise the underpayments. ... read more

  • $4.8 million back-pay for thousands of aged care workers after overtime pay error

    29 Oct 2015

    This is a timely reminder to all businesses of the need to have up-to-date governance and payroll systems to prevent a hefty bill for back payments of wages that have not been budgeted for. ... read more

  • 10 quick tips to green your workplace

    Here is a list of ten easy-to-action practices your office can take to become more sustainable now: ... read more

  • 6 tips for international trade in India

    When you’re doing business, it’s always important to know who you’re dealing with. The same principles apply to international trade. Understanding small cultural differences can help you to avoid offending potential business partners and build strong working relationships. ... read more

  • 9 easy ways to save energy at work

    Implementing efficient energy practices is a sustainable initiative ensuring your business operates effectively, efficiently and productively whilst engaging ethically and responsibly with environmental issues. ... read more

  • Have your say on taxation!

    A worldwide survey on how corporate tax uncertainly affects investment decisions is being undertaken by researchers at Oxford University and the European Tax Policy Forum (ETPF). ... read more

  • Are casual employees entitled to overtime?

    A casual employee’s entitlement to overtime penalty rates is determined by the applicable modern award. ... read more

  • Find your future champions

    Are your ‘New Year, new you’ resolutions in the bin quicker than wrapping paper on Christmas morning? For some, one key resolution is still well and truly alive. Right now thousands of school leavers across NSW are chasing the dream of landing their first job! ... read more

  • Boost your profit in 2016

    Strategic planning can eliminate ‘noise’ and point your business at peak profitability. ... read more

  • Can employers demand a sick note?

    On any given day, 5% of the workforce calls in sick to work. The 2014 Absence Management Survey, produced by Direct Health Solutions, has also shown that participating employers are now losing $3,230 per employee, per annum. So there’s a big incentive for employers to promote a healthy workplace. ... read more