We believe it is important for Australia’s business community to succeed, because prosperity creates new jobs, social wealth, and better communities in which to live.

NSW Business Chamber - Organisation

Higher Purpose and CSR

We believe it is important for Australia’s business community to succeed, because prosperity creates new jobs, social wealth, and better communities in which to live. Therefore, we are all about CSR. As part of our commitment to creating a better Australia, the Chamber recognises that a productive and successful business community enables a more prosperous economy, which leads to better social outcomes for all.

Our Purpose is to create a better Australia by maximising the outcomes and potential of Australian businesses.

Our Vision is to be the premier member-based business organisation.
Our Mission is to help members and businesses maximise their business potential by providing them with the very best advocacy, advice, products and services.
Our Values guide our beliefs, and in turn our actions, to achieve our Vision and Mission. 


Our Values

Values communicate what we believe in, and how we will behave, as we work together to achieve our Vision and deliver on our Mission.   
We display our company values throughout our day-to-day activities as we help members, customers and clients to maximise their business potential. 
Every decision we make, and every action we take, is consistent with our values:

•    SHOW RESPECT to everyone you deal with
•    TAKE OWNERSHIP of our organisation’s performance
•    STRIVE for EXCELLENCE together

Organisational Structure

The organisation is diverse and can be considered to comprise of two sections: NSW Business Chamber (NSWBC) which is the Member Services and Policy function and Australian Business Solutions Group (ABSG) which is the Commercial function of the business.

We have offices and representation at approximately 60 sites throughout NSW, ACT, QLD, SA, WA, TAS and VIC. 

Member Services: Connects members with educational and networking events, innovative products, services, publications and member benefits, and are a trusted source of independent business advice and support. The member services team work with our members to provide guidance and account managment. 

Policy & Advocacy: Represent the concerns of NSW businesses at all levels of government. This team enables the organisation to be the voice of businesses using submissions to and regular contact with governments. 

Sydney Business Chamber: Listens to businesses and works with government to ensure that issues needed to drive economic activity and growth in Sydney, and the barriers threatening our competitiveness, are prioritised on the public policy agenda. 

Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre: A network of consultants who visit businesses to advise on training opportunities, and financial training incentives, for new and existing staff. Australian Business wers Apprenticeship Support Australia in New South Wales, Queensland and Australian Capital Territory.

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions: Provide Marketing, Business Strategy, International Trade, Workplace Health & Safety, Human Resources advice and consulting, and also provide online services and products.

Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors: Deliver a comprehensive suite of legal and advisory services, helping clients navigate the complex legal, regulatory and commercial environment. They also provide a full suite of workplace legal services, workplace training, publications and products, as well as wider human resources and industrial relations. ABLA act for clients in matters that are at the core of business including corporate and commercial transactions and matters, dispute resolution, intellectual property protection and exploitation, in matters of technology and in the regulatory and compliance arena.

Australian Business Learning Institute: Provides quality, affordable, and accessible education ranging from professional development and VET qualifications, through to business Degrees, Master of Management, Master of Global Project Management, and also MBAs to Australia. 

Australian Business Recruitment Solutions: Provide recruitment services for permanent, temporary and casual roles, as well as targeted programs such as indigenous employment and on-hire apprentice and trainee services.
Corporate Services 
Corporate Leadership & Strategy, Information Communication & Technology, Human Resources, Facilities, Finance, and Governance teams provide corporate services to the entire business.
I can't recommend working here enough! I have been provided with plenty of opportunities that have helped me to map out my career. Sam Kelly, Marketing Manager - Projects