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Find out about our internal commitment to sustainable practices and why this is important to the Chamber.

NSW Business Chamber is committed to becoming a more sustainable organisation.

NSW Business Chamber endorses the position that sustainable development is the development and management of economic, environmental and social needs so that meeting present needs does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Senior management has committed to achieving sustainable business practices, which reduce the organisation’s overall environmental footprint. Through leadership, the NSW Business Chamber will demonstrate that it makes good business sense to be sustainable.

As a Sustainability Advantage participant, NSW Business Chamber has committed to efficient use of energy and water; whilst simultaneously reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

NSW Business Chamber reassesses its sustainability achievement levels annually and strives for improvement across all its business operations.

NSW Business Chamber believes that sustainability is an integral part of corporate responsibility and encourages its employees, members, partners, affiliates and the wider business community to commit to and implement sound and sustainable business practices.
Community Connect

Community Connect encourages interaction between staff on a more social level by implementing programs and events, supporting and enhancing staff wellbeing and the organisation’s corporate social responsibility through charitable activities. Community Connect connects our diverse community across our many locations around the country.