Peter Gilchrist is General Manager, Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre and Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA). He is responsible for Management of ASA and leading the business unit to provide expert, timely, market focused and financially viable Australian Apprenticeships Support services to businesses across NSW, ACT and QLD.

Peter Gilchrist - General Manager, Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre
Joining Apprenticeships Support Australia in April 2017, Peter brings a wealth of experience to the program including leading the 2015 Australian Large Training Provider of the Year. In 2008, Peter was awarded the Minister’s Award for Australian Apprenticeships Support Services Excellence for contributions to the Australian Apprenticeships program and prior to that in 2001, Peter managed a Job Network Service achieving National 10% top performance with practices documented for the National Best Practice Manual.
Peter holds a Bachelor in Adult Learning and Development supported by Vocational Qualification in Training and Assessment, Management and Mechanical Trade.