Our industry-first RecruitReady diagnostic tool can help you successfully build a management plan, aiding your business when recruiting and training new talent.

Find out if your business is ready to take on an apprentice or trainee. Take the free RecruitReady diagnostic.

Our research shows us that employers who have a structured plan for recruitment, induction and mentoring of their apprentices and trainees are most likely to engage their staff and retain them to completion.

The RecruitReady diagnostic is a first-of-its-kind assessment tool to ensure your business is ready to employ an apprentice or trainee. 

What will RecruitReady do?  

The tool will evaluate your business over four key areas essential to successful apprentice onboarding, providing results in a comprehensive report.  If you do fall a little short in any area, rest assured we’ll provide development points and links to advice from our experts on areas including:
  • Best practice recruitment
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Conducting effective interviews
  • Induction tips to ensure effective ways of working
  • Building relationships with staff
  • Coaching and mentoring new employees
  • Goal setting and performance management
  • Building partnerships with training providers to ensure training in delivered to your business requirements