Our international trade consultants provide practical export experience with the latest international trade knowledge and high-level connections to assist thousands of Australian exporters.

International growth is not for the faint-hearted!

It requires planning, research, and tenacity. If you aspire to conquer the world – or a little piece of it – our consultants can help you. 

Exporting can open a business to new markets, spread risk by reducing dependence on the local market and increase your competitiveness. 

With over 99.6% of the world’s customers living outside of Australia, the opportunities are endless. 

Benefits of exporting include:
Economies of scale  Additional markets Increased productivity  Increased revenue 
SG-2055-Economies-of-Scale.png SG-2055-Additional-Markets.png SG-2055-Increased-Productivity.png SG-2055-Increased-Revenue.png
Offset seasonal risk  Product innovation  Spread Business Risk  Tax advantages
SG-2055-Offset-Seasonal-Risk.png SG-2055-Product-Innovation.png SG-2055-Spread-Business-Risk.png SG-2055-Tax-Advantages.png

Why businesses should export 
Download our infograph to help you understand why you should export. 

Our experts can guide you 
We know that to successfully export, you need to have dedication and a solid plan in place. With hands-on experience working around the world, our consultants have the market knowledge and business contacts to help you do business overseas faster and more easily than on your own.

How we can help: 
  • Strategic planning
  • International marketing plans
  • Market research
  • Business partner search – joint venture partners, distributors, agents and resellers
  • Due diligence
  • Business culture and customs training
  • Assistance to access government grants, schemes and incentives
  • Market visit assistance
  • International business development – links to business and government contacts
  • Sourcing and outsourcing services
  • Business set-up and local representation
  • Offshore investment advice, including government regulations, incentives and procedures.

Consulting services are not included in membership plans. Members receive a discount on all consulting services.

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