Export Growth China offers businesses a low-risk, low-cost entry point into China. Starting from only $8,000 to get into the program, overcome the hurdles of getting your product or service in front of Chinese buyers and securing real sales contracts.

Export Growth China showroom in Shanghai
Giving businesses an ‘in’ to the world’s biggest market, a trade agreement with China in 2014 removed old barriers. Now the Export Growth China program removes the risk and cost for Australian businesses wishing to conquer the world’s biggest consumer market.

What is Export Growth China?
A low-risk, low-cost entry point to exporting to China, the Export Growth China programs offers members end-to-end assistance ranging from identifying opportunities to securing export sales. 

Hear from current members benefiting from the program

How does Export Growth China work?
The first trade assistance service of its kind, Export Growth China removes the cost and risk of attempting to break into China by matching businesses to the right partners and taking care of compliance concerns (for example, labeling requirements and minimum safety standards). A small financial commitment is all it takes to get products on shelves and in front of Chinese wholesale buyers.

Shanghai showroom 
Participants can showcase their products in the dedicated Export Growth China showroom, which operates in a Shanghai trade district that attracts thousands of potential buyers and distributors each month.

What is included in the program?
The program includes:
  • a comprehensive Export Readiness Report, including a diagnostic consultation
  • your product displayed in our Shanghai Showroom for a minimum of 6 months
  • Mandarin product promotions
  • pro-active buyer matching
  • product feedback reports.
Why China?
With a population of over 1.3 billion, China has emerged as the world’s largest consumer market. 

As the size of the economy has grown, so too has the size of China’s middle class. However, the increase in household wealth is only getting going. Over the next few decades, hundreds of millions of Chinese families are likely to join their ranks, propelling huge increases in consumption across a wide variety of sectors.

There is growing demand  for international brands and clean, green, quality products and services. Australia has a reputation of producing these products and supplying these services. 
The Chamber was able to match us with the right distributor to maximise our exposure in the Chinese market. We’re on the path to achieving export success! Shuang Wang, Purchasing Officer, Candori Australia

This service is not included in membership plans but members are able to participate as an additional benefit. Speak to our team about how to get started.

Membership options for small, medium and corporate businesses. From $654 per year.