Depending on which country you intend to export to and how you are sending your goods, the documents you require for a smooth import and export are crucial and will vary. We are authorised to issue Certificates of Australian Origin, with members receiving a discount of up to 40%.

Exporting can open a business to new markets, spread risk by reducing dependence on the local market and increase your competitiveness. 

With over 99.6% of the world’s customers living outside of Australia the opportunity is endless.
Economies of scale  Additional markets Increased productivity  Increased revenue 
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Offset seasonal risk  Product innovation  Spread Business Risk  Tax advantages
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Depending on which country you intend to export to and how you are sending your goods, the trade documents you require will vary. 

It is important to investigate which export documents apply to your business. Export documentation must be provided by an authorised body.

NSW Business Chamber is authorised to issue Certificates of Australian Origin on behalf of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and is acknowledged by the Australia Customs Service and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. For more information on Certificates of Origin please click here

Documents we can issue:
•    Certificates of Australian Origin
•    TAFTA Export Registrations
•    TAFTA Certificates of Origin
•    Certified Declarations of Origin
•    ATA Carnets
•    Certificates of Free Sale
•    Certificates of Manufacture.

Export document we can authorise include:
•    Certificates of Free Sale
•    Health Certificates
•    Commercial Invoices
•    Certificates of Analysis
•    Certificates of Manufacture
•    Supplier Declarations of Conformity.

Documentation advice for new exporters
As a new exporter, your first step is to register with Australian Customs for their Integrated Cargo System. There will be many other types of documents you need, such as bills of lading, bills of exchange and insurance certificates.

Documents requested by receiving country
You will need these documents as requested by the country you are exporting to. The Austrade website maintains information on each market and the import documents required.
We rely heavily on the information provided by the Chamber. They provide our Certificate of Origin and check whether it’s legal for us to sell to that country. Without this we couldn't trade. Ken O’Keefe, Ultimate Suspension, Ingleburn.

This is not included in plans but members receive a significant discount off documentation as an additional benefit. Become a member to gain access to this saving.

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