Members who need a legal consultation or service can rest assured that their legal fees will not spiral out of control by leveraging this service. Delivered by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA) - it includes a free email service to determine the scope of your requirements and an initial consultation at just $825.

Terms and Conditions- Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors Pty Limited (ACN 146 318 783) is the Trustee of Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors Trust (ABN 76 008 556 595). Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. Legal practitioners employed by or being directors of Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors Pty Limited are members of the scheme. The provision of legal advice is subject to a legal conflict check and the entry into agreed terms of engagement and Client Guide. This special offer is intended for current financial members of the NSW Business Chamber who are not already, or have not recently been, clients of Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors. The fixed fee rate of $750 (excluding GST) includes any preferential member or other discounts. It is not suitable for all legal requirements or circumstances.

Members of  NSW Business Chamber can purchase a fixed price legal service to cost effectively manage their legal requirements. The service includes a free email to scope requirement.

Your information will be reviewed by an experienced specialists from Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors. Once your request is reviewed, you will be contacted about next steps.

At this point, you can select a solution that is best for your business.

This may include up to 90 minutes of legal advice for a fixed price of $825 (inc GST).

The service is not included in membership plans but is an additional benefit to members. Talk to our team about becoming a member to access the service.

Membership options for small, medium and corporate businesses. From $654 per year.