Through our Legal Advice Line, delivered by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA), members can access compliant and up-to-date legal advice, tailored to your business, without the heavy consultancy fees.

In running your business, there are times when you might need a legal specialist. A lawyer can help in many business scenarios, from helping with the incorporation process, to drawing up contracts or, if necessary, representing you in litigation.

There are times when you may just want to ask a lawyer for a quick question and don't need a full consultation. The Legal Advice Line offers this service to all members as part of their membership plan

Call for advice from dedicated experts that avoid legal jargon. We'll help you to resolve problems and make complicated decisions with confidence.

When you can benefit from the Legal Advice Line's support:
  • Sometimes you won't require a full legal consultation to help you understand where you stand or how to proceed 
  • Other times you may want to clarify the legal ramifications of your actions and need to check in with a lawyer before making a commitment to a law firm 
  • You may just need to touch base with a lawyer for peace of mind to confirm that what you are doing is legally sound. 

Legal Advice Line - 13 29 59
Our Legal Advice Line has helped members resolve questions and concerns around:
  • complying with new laws such as the PPSA (Personal Properties Security Act) competition law and privacy
  • buying, selling and structuring businesses and your rights as a director or shareholder
  • dispute resolution, including your rights when you are owed money
  • commercial and retail leasing.
Legal advice is provided by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors – an award-winning law firm that champions the development, capability and prosperity of businesses, applying its legal and advisory expertise to further client goals.
The Legal Advice Line has helped our business avoid fines and risk, particularly with dismissals and redundancies. The service is very helpful when you want to ensure you’ve covered your bases. The laws around awards are easy to misinterpret. You can overpay or underpay without realising. It saves so much time and effort! Larry Buete, General Manager, Planet Power

Advice Line services are included in all membership plans. Members can add more calls if required.

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