The Chamber gives members access to Legal advice that is trusted, affordable and works for your business


You shouldn't be expected to know it all and that is where the NSW Business Chamber helps members. With trusted expert legal advice on all facets of business, 

Well I can’t, basically!” Samantha Hain articulates the impossibility of a small business owner becoming a legal expert while juggling day-to-day operations. It was an issue in relation to digital intellectual property that prompted her to call the legal team at NSW Business Chamber. “When I called the Legal Advice Line, I was put straight through to a specialist. “The fact that someone like me – a little sole operator – could have access to that level of specialty in a single phone call was outstanding. It enabled me to take control of the situation as soon as it arose, and at next-to nothing cost”, says Samantha, who operates from Central West NSW.

Samantha Hain, Regional Integrated Marketing, Orange

With a broad spectrum of legal services available as part of membership, the NSW Chamber works to take the headache out of business;

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