Amplify Me’s Australia China Tourism Connections team is well placed to help you make the most of the opportunity to engage with the growing Chinese inbound market. 

China accounts for the largest number of travellers to Australia, and with this comes the complexity of a unique marketing ecosystem and a range of product requirements and cultural expectations that are different than those of most domestic travellers.

With  extensive experience across the travel and tourism industry and in marketing to Chinese consumers, Amplify Me can help you navigate the path to attracting more Chinese visitors, from insights through to implementation. Services offered include:

Strategic Planning
  • Scoping & feasibility studies
  • Engagement strategies & blueprints
Training, Workshops & Mentoring
  • China Readiness 
  • Attracting Chinese visitors workshops
  • Industry-specific training & mentoring
  • Keynotes & panels
Representation & Tours

Bespoke Consulting Projects

Amplify Me's goal is to help make the Chinese traveller’s experience in Australia mutually more rewarding for both tourism operators and travellers by fostering greater understanding and improving capacity to manage, meet (and exceed!) expectations. 

Amplify Me will help you deliver your best to international guests – and together broaden their knowledge of Australia to include some of your most hidden secrets and best experiences. 

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