rEvents Academy is a learning and development program to provide event committees with tools, resources and support to ensure they deliver a quality event without burning out their team.

Events are important drivers of tourism. Research indicates for half of first-time visitors to a regional destination; the event is the main reason for visiting and likewise for two thirds of repeat visitors. 
Designed as a complete solution to support the reinvigoration of regional events and event teams, rEVENTS Academy consists of ten steps to sustainable and successful event management. The program is based on the planning process for successful events, with monthly modules that provide virtual support to event committees each step of the way. Customised face to face and online event training is also available from rEvents Academy.

rEvents Academy grew out of a recognition of the need of regional events for support to become sustainable in terms of human and financial resourcing. 

About the Director, Linda Tillman
Linda has been supporting regional tourism events for 15 years via her tourism consultancy, Tilma Group, providing strategic direction, marketing support and event management mentoring. Currently on the board of Australian Regional Tourism, Linda’s passion is in helping regional communities maximise the benefits of tourism and tourism events. Linda’s expertise in destination management ranges from experience and industry development to marketing and strategic planning. Her understanding of all the pieces of the tourism puzzle results in holistic strategic solutions.