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Engaging with Chinese travellers across the travel life cycle
Andrea Plawutsky, Amplify Me

It’s predicted over 3 million Chinese visitors will travel to Australia annually by 2026. While big tourism businesses in Sydney and Melbourne already cater for this discerning inbound market, there’s still a great deal most businesses can do to update and improve their marketing and engagement to capitalise on the vast growth of the Chinese inbound market.

In this webinar, Andrea Plawutsky provides an overview of the latest channels and communication requirements of different segments within the Chinese inbound market at various stages of their travel life cycle journey – from dreaming and inspiration through to sharing.  

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How to manage your online customer reviews with ReviewPro
Presenter: Avril Carter, ReviewPro

In an age where online customer reviews are becoming increasingly important and can greatly influence the customer decision making process, ReviewPro is an online customer review management program that collects customer feedback from across the internet, making it easy for operators to stay on top of guest feedback by viewing and responding in timely fashion.

Find out everything you need to know to effectively use ReviewPro, plus how you can take advantage of and leverage the software’s functionality to benefit your business.

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How to make your business stand out on Google
Presenter: Liz Ward, Tourism Tribe

90% of travellers say they use the internet in the planning of their travel, and searching Google is the starting point for the majority of travellers in the early stages of their purchase cycle.   

Google has over 90% of the search market and is a fundamental platform for you to market your business, but competition is rife and if you're not on page one, you're not in the customer's decision set.   

Join digital strategist, Liz Ward who will show you everything you need to do to have the best possible position in Google. 

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The hottest tourism trends of 2017
Presenter: Bronwyn White,

It's coming up to marketing planning season and that's why we've got a masterclass for travel and tourism professionals on the hottest trends to consider and operationalise over the next financial year. 

Presented by's Bronwyn White, the content is lifted directly from their highly popular Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint.

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Accessible Tourism - it's no longer a niche market
Presenter: Melissa James, Can Go Everywhere

By the year 2020, a quarter of all tourists are going to be looking for accessible places where they can stay, eat and play. Is your business ready for it?

Join Melissa James from Can Go Everywhere for this FREE member webinar on accessible tourism for operators whose target markets include baby boomers, seniors and people with disabilities. 

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How to market your tourism product in China using social media 
Presenter: Sunny Kwon, Export Growth China

The Chinese market is one of NSW’s most lucrative for inbound visitation, with 639,000 arrivals in 2016 bringing in a total spend of $2,573 million. When marketing your product/service to a Chinese audience on a Chinese platform, it is important that your messages are localised, with an understanding of cultural tones and nuances. 

Join Sunny Kwon from Export Growth China for this webinar that covers everything you need to know to effectively engage potential Chinese visitors on social media.

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The principles of social media marketing
: Andrew Cavallaro, Australian Business Consulting & Solutions

This one hour webinar introduces attendees to the world of social media for tourism businesses, easy-to-implement strategies for success on social media, and practical tips and tools of the trade to maximise social media ROI.

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The why and how of marketing planning and strategy
Presenter: Bronwyn White,

Join Bronwyn White, Director of for this FREE member webinar on the ingredients of a successful marketing plan, why you can’t rely on ‘hope marketing', plus an update on the latest changes in the travel and tourism digital landscape.

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Gaining a competitive edge by committing to quality
Presenter: Sheridan Ferrier, Australian Tourism Accreditation Program

In today's increasingly competitive market, a commitment to quality practices is essential to building a successful and efficient business that exceeds customers' expectations. In turn, you can expect to strengthen your brand and increase customer loyalty, which ultimately influences your bottom line.

Stand out. Create a point of difference.
The Australian Tourism Accreditation Program is an Australia-wide, online, quality management program, designed to improve business performance, product quality and provide a pathway to a nation-wide network of potential customers

Delivered by NSW Program Manager, Sheridan Ferrier, this webinar covers everything you need to know about tourism accreditation and how it can benefit your business.

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The Travel Industry Meets Semantic Search
Presenter: Brownyn White,

Last year we saw the biggest change in internet marketing in 12 years when Google changed its search algorithm by introducing semantic search. This is not an algorithm update as we have seen in the past, but an entire search engine overhaul.
Find out how Google’s search engine modifications will impact on tourism operators, and how to successfully apply these insights to your marketing strategy in a practical way.

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Benchmarked for success: What makes a successful tourism operator?
Presenters: Charlotte Prouse, Tom Kelsall, Destination Marketing Store

Destination Marketing Store (DMS) in partnership with Executive Coach, Tom Kelsall, studied some of the most successful tourism operators in Australia to find out if there was  a commonality between their thinking styles and patterns.  The results were conclusive – these successful tourism businesses were all led by people with a common and statistically significant set of thinking styles and patterns.
Join Charlotte and Tom as they share their findings providing insight into the thinking patterns and belief systems of some fo Australia's most successful tourism operators. 

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How to use LinkedIn to create engagement and generate brand awareness
Presenter: Jeff Yang, SocialGen

Join social media strategist Jeff Yang (Head of B2B Social Selling & B2B Social Media, SocialGen), who will demonstrate how businesses operating in the visitor economy can find the right prospects by using Linkedin to drive customer engagement and brand awareness.

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How to access additional income streams for your business
Presenter: Keith Whelan, The Grants Guy

Join grant specialist, Keith Whelan (The Grants Guy) for an overview of the range of grants available and applicable to organisations operating in the tourism industry. Plus, find out how to generate maximum impact with important tips, hints and pitfalls to avoid, for your grant submission to achieve best results.

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