WHS Diagnostic Assessment will help you identify the gaps in your compliance with WHS legislation. Our WHS consultant will audit your site to review your housekeeping status, helping you prevent the risk of injury and minimise your exposure to fines.

How does WHS Diagnostic Assessment work? 
  • One of our WHS consultants will visit your workplace and undertake a walk-through of your site to review your housekeeping status.
  • Using our WHS Diagnostic Assessment tool will assist you in identifying the gaps in your compliance with WHS legislations and discuss issues and appropriate safety management needs of your business.
  • A desktop review of key areas will enable you to plan and make adjustments for the future.
  • You will be provided with a post-assessment report, including a snapshot of your performance against key areas.
  • Our team will be on hand to provide telephone support post-assessment. 
Did you know that in the last year there were 531,800 work-related injuries. That is nearly 5% of the Australian workforce. Source: Safe Work Australia

Membership options for small, medium and corporate businesses. From $654 per year.