A cloud-based tool that makes the creation of Workplace Health & Safety documents easier for your business. Designed for SME businesses, WHS Essentials provides a comprehensive library of WHS information, policies, templates and procedures.

Whether you are new to WHS or an experienced practitioner, implementing a safer workplace and managing your risks has never been easier.

Benefits of WHS Essentials 

1. Peace of mind
The 70+ documents that are part of WHS Essentials are reviewed and endorsed by specialist workplace relations law firm, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors. 

2. Legally compliant 
If there are any changes in legislations or improvements to the templates you are advised so your documents are always up to date with changes to law and policy.

3. Customisable
You have the ability to create documents, including procedures that are customised to your business.

4. Easily accessible
Cloud-based storage makes it is even easier to manage your HR/IR and Safety needs anytime, anywhere. 

5. More time for your business 
Now your documentation is up-to-date, you can spend the time and money you've saved to do what you do best, growing your business.
Did you know that the average time lost from work is 5.4 weeks per case? Source: Safe Work Australia

This is not included in membership plans but members can purchase the service at a member price as an additional benefit.

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