Our Workplace Advice line team is only a phone call away. Let them help you address the most important issues that businesses like yours are faced every day - from disciplinary matters to bullying in the workplace.

Leveraging over 60 years of experience in advising businesses on workplace relations issues, our team understands your frustrations, challenges and common mistakes when it comes to managing workplace issues.

With the backing of Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA), our Workplace Advice Line brings together experts who have seen it all – strikes, reform and the rise of claim culture. We're ready to help you address anything and everything your business faces.

Our workplace relations experts can answer your questions on a range of issues, including:
  • Awards and provisions interpretation 
  • Redundancy and termination
  • Wage rates
  • Leave provisions such as personal Leave, long service leave, annual leave and maternity leave
  • Termination
  • Contract of employment
  • Workers compensation
  • Bullying 
  • Human resources issues
  • WHS advice
  • Workplace policies
  • Workers compensation
  • Creating a flexible workplace.

Typical questions
  1. “What award covers my business and what is the wage rate for various jobs?”
  2. “I have to retrench staff, what do I do and how much will I have to pay?”
  3. “Can an employee take sick leave during their notice period?”
  4. “I have a female area manager coming back from maternity leave. Her role is important and full time but she only wants to work part-time. What do I do?”

To find out the answers to these questions above by contacting our Workplace Advice Line 13 29 59.

Not a member? Not a problem! Contact us below or phone the business hotline 13 26 96 for further details.

Workplace issues are on the rise. In the last reported year, nearly 18,000 claims were recorded in the Fair Work Commission. FACT

Advice Line services are included in all membership plans. Members can add more calls if required.