Relax knowing the ‘What if?’ is taken care of. ​One fixed fee purchases protection, on-call advice and support tools to guard your business against workplace risks. 

Worry less about unfair dismissal, harassment, bullying and wage disputes. Gain something priceless – complete peace of mind when it comes to your employees.

Workplace Assured is a proactive employment relations solution. 

Let Workplace Assured handle the workplace relations risks while you focus on your business. 

Workplace issues are on the rise. In the last reported year, over 27,000 claims were recorded by the Fair Work Commission.

With a rising trend of lawyers and unions defending employee rights, who’s looking after you? We will.

Getting hit by an unfair dismissal claim is easy as 1-2-3 and can hurt.
  • Lodging a claim is cheap as chips – only $68.60.
  • 75% of unfair dismissal claims result in compensation payments.
  • Legal fees can range from $2,000-$4,000 a week.​

Think your business isn't affected? Think again.
We know you want to do right by your staff, you may just not know if you are getting it right. 

Workplace Assured is a proactive employment relations solution designed to provide peace of mind when it comes to managing and complying with employment relations obligations. 

One fixed fee guards your business against a range of risks including unfair dismissal, harassment, bullying and constructive dismissal. 

Things that make you go “Phew!” - Coverage from just $58 per week

Get 24/7 advice and tools to remain compliant. If you get hit by a claim, you’re covered for legal fees* and claims for up to $2m.

You’ve worked hard to get the business this far, why wouldn’t you cover it?

To find out the risks to your business, take our quick Risk Profiler. 

To learn more, download the Workplace Assured booklet:

The advice has helped our business avoid fines and risk. Last year, we let someone go and felt confident it was done correctly and fairly because of advice we’d received. The service is very helpful when you want to ensure you’ve covered your bases. The laws around awards are easy to misinterpret. You can overpay or underpay without realising. Larry Buete, General Manager, Planet Power

Last year, over 18,000 workplace claims were recorded against businesses through the Fair Work Ombudsman. In most cases, the employer was unaware they did anything wrong. Are you at risk? Don't get caught out by costly penalties - take a 1-minute quiz to know your weak spots now.