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27 February 2017
Australia Celebrates The Best of the Best at the 2016 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards
The Australian tourism industry celebrated the 2016 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards in Darwin on Friday night, with five NSW businesses winning Gold and many other NSW operators winning Silver and Bronze awards. Read more...

19 December 2016
Boost for Regional Tourism with appointment of Regional Bodies
The Tourism Industry Division of the NSW Business Chamber has described the appointment of six new Chairs of Destination Networks as a massive step forward for regional tourism across the State. Read more...

25 November 2016
Winners of 2016 NSW Tourism Awards Announced
Outstanding tourism businesses from across New South Wales were honoured tonight as the winners of the 2016 NSW Tourism Awards were announced at Luna Park in Sydney. Read more...

19 October 2016
Regional Tourism set to benefit from new framework for short term holiday letting
The Tourism Industry Division of the NSW Business Chamber has welcomed the findings of a NSW Parliamentary inquiry into the regulation of short term holiday letting suggesting the proposed approach will help regional tourism operators better realise the benefits from the sharing economy. Read more...

30 September 2016
2016 NSW Tourism Awards Finalists Announced
The exceptional quality of tourism operators across NSW were acknowledged today with the official announcement of finalists for the 2016 NSW Tourism Awards. Read more...

6 July 2016
Regional tourism overhaul will unlock potential of NSW visitor economy
The NSW Business Chamber’s Tourism Advisory Council strongly backs the New South Wales Government’s decision to restructure the management of regional tourism in response to the 'Review of NSW Regional Tourism Organisations & Regional Tourism' and is confident it will help unlock the potential of the NSW Visitor Economy. Read more...

17 May 2016
Uncertainty around backpacker tax already impacting tourism sector
The Tourism Industry division of the NSW Business Chamber says the Federal Government’s decision to delay the introduction of the ‘Backpacker tax’ until at least 1 January 2017 is good news for tourism operators, but warns that continued uncertainty around working holiday visas is already negatively impacting business in the tourism sector. Read more...

16 March 2016
Backpacker tax review a welcome reprieve for tourism businesses
The Tourism Industry Division of the NSW Business Chamber, the state’s peak business organisation, says the Federal Government’s decision to review its proposed ‘backpacker tax’ is a welcome reprieve for Australian tourism businesses who already face fierce competition in attracting working holiday makers. Read more...

23 November 2015
The Sharing Economy
The Tourism Advisory Council of the NSW Business Chamber has released a new report calling for a balanced approach to regulating services such as Uber and Airbnb to encourage growth in the visitor economy, rather than restrict it. Read more...

7 April 2015
NSW Business Chamber joins Queensland Tourism Industry Council in uniting national Accreditation Program
The announcement today that both the peak industry bodies of the NSW Business Chamber (Tourism Industry division) and Queensland Tourism Industry Council have committed to joining ATAP marks a historical juncture for tourism in Australia. Read more...

6 March 2015
$12M earmarked for Monaro region to attract tourists and boost local economy
The Tourism Industry division has welcomed the Baird Government’s $12 million commitment to boosting tourism and major events in the Monaro region if re-elected on March 28. Read more...

16 February 2015
NSW Government committed to growing tourism in Western Sydney and regional NSW
With regional tourism and overnight visitation numbers stagnating over the past 20 years, NSW Business Chamber has advocated for an injection of government funding to breathe life into the events and tourism industry of Western Sydney and regional NSW. Read more...

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