A decade ago, NSW had the worst performing economy in the nation, now we have the best. If we are to stay Number 1, this is not the time to take our recent economic success for granted or to become complacent.

To keep momentum, and to retain our Number 1 spot, we need to maintain the right settings to encourage businesses to grow, invest and employ so that we build an even better NSW for all citizens.

That’s why our Keeping NSW Number 1 campaign is focussed on four main pillars:‚Äč
  • Skilling NSW for the future and tackling youth unemployment
  • Cutting energy costs for NSW businesses and residents
  • Improving the delivery of major infrastructure
  • Protecting NSW from natural disasters
Underpinning each pillar are a number of hard measures that flesh out, in practical terms, how the policies can be implemented and how we will monitor their progress.

In addition, through our members, we are developing a specific pillar to push forward priorities identified by chambers in marginal seats.

We’ve already presented the details of this campaign to Government, Opposition, as well as some minor parties and put them on notice that we will be measuring and publicly reporting on their policies against our agenda for keeping NSW number 1.

To get commitment on key changes to drive the state forward however it’s critical we have your support. To back in and keep up to date with our campaign to Keep NSW Number 1, please sign up at www.nswnumber1.com.au or click the image below.