Launched 12 months out from the March 2015 NSW State election, the NSW Business Chamber’s campaign platform, Unfinished Business: Towards 2015 and beyond, identified five key opportunities for reform that have been ignored by successive NSW governments.


Together with our 19,000 members we identified key opportunities for reform, including:

1. Fund and deliver more infrastructure across NSW through public asset recycling;
2. Revitalise and reform Local Government;
3. Deliver senior schooling more effectively to improve outcomes for young people;
4. Improve NSW’s energy security and address pricing challenges; and
5. Put NSW on the front foot by creating a more competitive tax system.

Unfinished Business - How the major parties measure up

In March 2016 the NSW Business Chamber released an official score card rating how well the major parties’ policy agendas address the key issues raised by business in the lead-up to the March 28 election.
The  scorecard was designed to help members make their decision about the policies that will attract investment in NSW, grow the economy and create jobs to support our growing population.


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