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‚ÄčSubmission to the Draft Tourism Transport Plan - December 2017

Submission to the Short Term Holiday Letting Options Paper - October 2017


In the lead-up to the 2015 State Election, the NSW Business Chamber’s Tourism Division released the NSW Visitor Economy: On the Move report. On the Move articulated a positive agenda to grow, invest, secure and engage in the tourism industry in NSW.

With two years having passed since the Coalition was returned to Government, the On the Move Mid-Term Report Card assesses progress toward the priorities identified in 2015 and sets a strategic pathway for tourism the rest of this term.  


Commissioned by the NSW Business Chamber, the report: The Sharing Economy: Issues, Impacts, and Regulatory Responses in the context of the NSW Visitor Economy, was submitted to the The Point to Point Transport Taskforce and the NSW Legislative Assembly Committee on Environment and Planning responsible for conducting an inquiry into the adequacy of the regulation of short-term holiday letting in New South Wales.

Based on the findings of the report, Tourism Advisory Council recommends five key principles for regulating the sharing economy:

1. Regulation should encourage the growth of commercial activity, not restrict it;
2. The opportunity should be taken to reduce overall regulation across the visitor economy;
3. Self-regulation should be encouraged before government intervenes;
4. A cross-governmental approach is required to develop an efficient regulatory framework; and
5. Regulatory responses should be based on strong empirical evidence.

A condensed version of the report focusing on the policy principles can be found here: Policy Principles to Foster the Sharing Economy in NSW.

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