It makes good business sense for the Australian business community to consider their options for diversifying their workforce.

Employing outside the box is not about businesses acting as charities or taking over government’s role in supporting our most disadvantaged. Instead it is about businesses meeting their skills and labour needs by engaging people who they may not have previously considered but who are willing and able to do the job.
  Want to make sure your business is open to everyone?

The Disability Inclusion and Promotions Officer role is to guide businesses on how they can create workplaces that promote inclusion and remove barriers that may prevent people with disability from being able to participate and contribute to their workplaces. 

The Inclusion Officer can assist your business with a range of services including:
  • Advice on the development of meaningful employment opportunities and the benefits of employing people with disability;
  • How to make your workplace accessible;
  • Assistance with developing a Disability Action Plan;
  • Reviewing the accessibility of your workplace and assessing whether the business can access the Employee Assistance Fund (EAF); 
  • Assistance with developing diversity training programs for businesses; 
  • Guidance with establishing a Supported Wage System provision for businesses with an Enterprise Agreement.
  • General enquiries and information surrounding disability access and inclusion

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