NSW Business Chamber’s Thinking Business Program is a research initiative that aims to identify issues concerning NSW businesses and investigate how these issues might best be addressed.

Running on empty - Dec 2019

This report examines the current state of play for the gas industry in NSW, analyses the consequences of ‘business as usual’ and the need for change, and makes recommendations with a ‘NSW gas road map’ to achieve a better outcome – of supply security and more affordable gas.

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Old School / New School - Nov 2017

Drawing on feedback from industry, schools, parents, education experts and importantly students, Old School / New School identifies the ways we can take the very best from NSW’s current school system and combine it with new innovative teaching and school models to meet the challenges of the 21st century. 

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Laying the Foundations for Apprenticeship Reform - Nov 2016

This report calls for urgent reform of Australia's apprenticeship system to ensure the nation has the skilled workforce needed for economic growth, competitiveness and productivity. Prepared with the Mitchell Institute’s Professor Peter Noonan, the latest report in the Chamber’s Thinking Business series: Laying the Foundations for Apprenticeship Reform, provides a solid evidence base for reshaping the apprenticeship and traineeship system across the country.

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Taking on Tax - April 2016

Presented in conjunction with the NSW Council of Social Service, this report examines the benefits of replacing NSW Stamp Duties with a broad based land tax.

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A Western Sydney Aerotropolis - May 2015

Utilising the experience of best practice international airport development, this report identifies the steps necessary to ensure the economic benefit of a Western Sydney Airport is maximised.

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Reforming Post Year 10 Education and Training - February 2015

Youth disengagement from education, training and employment has significant economic and social costs. This report, developed with the University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Education examines the transitions young people in NSW from school to work and further study and how we can make these transitions more successful.

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Industry-Research Collaboration – July 2014

Australia’s research capabilities are world class. Despite this, Australia’s application of research to address commercial problems is substandard. Drawing on feedback from over 100 industry, government and research sector leaders, this report identifies ways to improve commercial outcomes through industry-research sector collaboration.

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Small Business Access to Finance - November 2013

With access to finance affecting more than 200,000 Australian businesses, this report evaluates the lending environment and provides policy solutions to ensure small business can continue to innovate and grow. Drawing on knowledge from Australia and the UK the report identifies a partial credit guarantee scheme and improvements to the quality of financial advice as clear options in addressing collateral and information gaps.

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Economic Impact of a Western Sydney Airport – August 2013

While its population continues to grow and diversify, the Western Sydney region is facing a dramatic jobs deficit. Estimates have put this shortfall to reach 320,000 by 2036. This report identifies that by 2050, an airport at Badgerys Creek could support up to 33 million passenger movements and help create more than 30,000 additional jobs for the region.

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Liveable Sydney - How would High-Speed Rail Change Sydney and NSW? – August 2012

This report identifies that current state and federal infrastructure planning needs to be coordinated in a way that ensures that the future delivery of an integrated east coast High Speed Rail (HSR) network remains affordable. The report found that integrating HSR into Sydney’s existing rail network would significantly reduce costs and increase the likelihood that HSR could be delivered within the next 15 years.

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Diversity and Contestability in the Public Service Economy

Authored by Gary L. Sturgess, Adjunct Professor of Public Service Delivery at the Australian School of Business, this report sets out seven guidelines to improve the delivery of public services in NSW by introducing new competition and contestability principles. The report identifies that as governments are no longer directly responsible for the delivery of many public services, greater participation by the private sector needs to be recognised, encouraged and supported.

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Productivity and Fair Work

Utilising in depth interviews with 70 business leaders from small, medium and large enterprises, this report identifies how the Fair Work system is operating and the impact it is having on the workplace and productivity. The report suggests that a flexible workplace relations system that promotes a constructive rather than adversarial relationship between employer and employee would have a positive influence on improving the nation’s productivity.

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Manufacturing Futures - May 2011

This report identifies that the quality and competence of people working in manufacturing are decisive to the success of the sector and that improving Australian management practices and workforce skills are vital to boosting innovation performance and productivity. The report suggests that manufacturing in the 21st century requires collaboration between manufacturing enterprises, customers, suppliers and knowledge sources providing new ideas and transforming them into new competitive capabilities.

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Governance Arrangements for Sydney's Local Government Authorities – January 2009

Prepared on behalf of the Sydney Business Chamber by KPMG this report identifies that to support a global and growing Sydney significant structural reform to Sydney’s local councils must be undertaken.

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