This report examines the current state of play for the gas industry in NSW, analyses the consequences of ‘business as usual’ and the need for change, and makes recommendations with a ‘NSW gas road map’ to achieve a better outcome – of supply security and more affordable gas.

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NSW imports practically all of its natural gas from other states. Yet gas is an important part of NSW’s energy mix, with approximately one third of non-transport energy moving through NSW’s gas pipelines.
Gas supply to NSW, and the east coast of Australia, is forecast to fall short of demand as soon as 2025.
NSW must take several necessary steps to address this situation. NSW has viable gas resources and extensive infrastructure which makes it a strong candidate for gas exploration and development, as well as LNG gas imports. However, while those resources remain in the ground, and import and infrastructure facilities sit waiting for approvals, business confidence in the future status of the NSW gas market is waning.