The state’s peak business organisation, the NSW Business Chamber, says employers and their employees should be having discussions now about leave arrangements over the Easter and ANZAC Day holiday period.

With ANZAC Day falling just three days after Easter Monday, many workers are looking to take extended leave where they can enjoy a ten day break while using up just three days of annual leave.

“It’s an opportunity for many workers to take an extended break, especially those with families in the middle of school holidays,” said NSW Business Chamber CEO Stephen Cartwright.

“What is important, however, is that employees who are intending to take that break have a conversation now with their bosses so cover can be arranged, rather than simply leaving businesses in the lurch by taking a couple of fake sick days,” Mr Cartwright said.

“The NSW Business Chamber encourages bosses to be as accommodating as possible, taking into account the operational needs of the business, and to grant leave where they can, so long as the business can cope with fewer staff during that period.

“Allowing staff a mini-break to re-charge after what has been a hectic start to the year for many businesses is a smart thing to do – both for the employee and for the business.

“What we don’t want to see is a number of staff taking ‘sickies’ during this period as it is business owners and fellow staff members who suffer when this occurs.

“For an employee, taking sickies during that period can be a damaging career move. Not only will you upset your employer, but your co-workers as well who have to cover the gaps in your absence.

“You’d have to ask yourself whether a couple of days of ‘sickies’ is worth the potential damage to your employment record or your professional reputation.

“Of course if you are genuinely ill during that period then you shouldn’t come into work, but its standard practice for an employer to ask for a medical certificate for absences adjacent to a Public Holiday.

“Have the conversation now and make the necessary arrangements to avoid any confusion,” Mr Cartwright said.

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