The Tourism Industry Division of the NSW Business Chamber is pleased with the commitment of the NSW Government through its release of the Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan (VEIAP) and new targets to triple overnight visitor spend in NSW. 

“Tourism is a key economic driver across our state but especially in our regions,” said Executive Manager of the Tourism Industry Division Dean Gorddard.

“The release of the VEIAP not only provides new targets for tourism growth in NSW to 2030, but also a practical roadmap on how we can meet those targets,” Mr Gorddard said.

“The VEIAP reflects the close engagement that the Minister undertook with industry during the consultation phase of the Plan.

“The Plan’s key actions of improving governance, infrastructure, skills, products and marketing will help support are all issues which the Division emphasised needed further attention.

“As the Division pointed out in its 2017 report, Getting out There – Encouraging Chinese Tourism the growth of the Chinese tourist market in particular presents massive opportunities for regional NSW but we need to do more to capture this growth.

“That report confirms that in 2017 more than 750,000 Chinese tourists visited the state, spending a whopping $3.2 billion dollars. Most of this money was spent in Sydney with one in five Chinese tourists visiting Sydney compared to just one in twenty who visited regional NSW.  

“The report called for immediate steps to improve: regional access to high speed broadband and public WiFi; investment in public infrastructure to improve access to regional destinations; provide local tourism operators with regionally specific tourism data and refocused marketing to better target Chinese visitation to our regions.

“The VEIAP picks up on these recommendations with new actions to improve the marketing of regional destinations to Chinese tourists, the creation of a Visitor Economy Index to provide regional data back to operators and make further investment in new mobile telecommunications.

“The announcement of the VEIAP is a great first step – industry is looking forward to making the Plan a reality,” Mr Gorddard said. 

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