The state’s peak business organisation, the NSW Business Chamber, has formally launched its campaign ahead of the state election to be held on Saturday, 23 March 2019.

The theme of the campaign is ‘Keeping NSW Number 1’, and will outline the measures required to maintain NSW’s position as the best performing economy in the nation.
“Right now the Illawarra economy is benefiting from being a key region in the best performing state in the nation, but we’ll be calling on all candidates to avoid complacency and continue to support policies that will allow businesses to grow, invest and employ,” said Adam Zarth, Executive Director of the Illawarra Business Chamber.
“Today the Illawarra Business Chamber joins the campaign to ‘keep NSW number one’, and this will see us advocating strongly on five main campaign pillars, or measures that will support business and maintain our economic momentum,” he said.
The four pillars that comprise the statewide campaign are:
  • Skilling NSW for the future and tackling youth unemployment
  • Cutting energy costs for NSW businesses and residents
  • Improving the delivery of major infrastructure
  • Protecting NSW from natural disasters.
“The fifth pillar of the campaign is regionally specific, and I will be strongly advocating for the South West Illawarra Rail Link as a solution to our region’s transport connectivity constraints to both the major parties and relevant minor parties,” said Mr Zarth.
“Skilling our workforce is integral to keeping the Illawarra economy moving, and so the NSW Business Chamber is right to call for 20,000 school based apprenticeships and traineeships over the next four years.”
“The NSW Business Chamber has presented the details of this campaign to both the Government and Opposition, as well as some minor parties that clearly support small business in this state, and we have informed them that we will be publishing a Report Card in the final weeks of the campaign, recognising those parties that have taken up our policy agenda.”
“Regional NSW has a number of marginal seats in this election, and local advertising, events with candidates and a large social media presence will be integral to this campaign.”