The state’s peak business organisation, the NSW Business Chamber, believes now is the right time to increase the focus on building and resourcing employment pathways for young people.

NSW Business Chamber CEO Stephen Cartwright joined the Premier, Deputy Premier and Treasurer at today’s announcement where the Berejiklian Government promised that, should they be re-elected in March, funding for a number of key youth employment initiatives, including the replication of Productivity Bootcamp, would be forthcoming.

“Productivity Bootcamp is an innovative and highly successful program that the NSW Business Chamber has been a partner with for some years, and making more funding available to replicate the model in other parts of NSW is absolutely the right step,” Mr Cartwright said.

“Hundreds of young people who have already graduated from the Bootcamp program have had immediate success in the workforce because of the unique training methods devised by its founder, Paul Breen.

“One of the 5 pillars of the NSW Business Chamber’s election campaign, Keeping NSW Number 1, centres on Skilling NSW for the future and tackling youth unemployment, so the Chamber is delighted with this outcome.

“The Premier has also pledged to create two high schools devoted to vocational education, which will allow those students not destined for tertiary education to have greater flexibility and focus in the final two years of their schooling.

“Better preparing school leavers to enter the workforce has been a major priority of the NSW Business Chamber for more than a decade, and this focus by the NSW Government will also help address skills shortages across the State.

“Just last week we saw NSW record its lowest ever unemployment rate (3.9%), but now is not the time to become complacent or assume employment growth is achieved without the right policy settings.

“A jobs target of 250,000 may seem ambitious over the next term of Government, but all citizens of NSW have a vested interest in ensuring that job creation remains an absolute priority of whichever party forms Government on 23 March,” Mr Cartwright said.

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