More than 43 per cent of businesses surveyed across the Illawarra and South Coast by the NSW Business Chamber are waiting more than 4 weeks to get internet access after a NBN service is installed, and a similar percentage are dissatisfied with their NBN service.

Illawarra Business Chamber Executive Director, Chris Lamont, said the survey found service delays, disruptions, lost customers and necessary equipment upgrades for the NBN are costing businesses across NSW an average of $9,000.
The survey follows the Illawarra Business Chamber ‘Not Happy’ campaign which invited businesses across the region to share their telecommunication/internet service experiences.
Local Federal MPs Stephen Jones and the Hon Sharon Bird will this week meet with the Chamber and business representative to discuss concerns so these may be addressed or elevated to the appropriate authority.
“A reliable and affordable internet service is essential for most businesses across the region.  We also need to appreciate the importance of these services to clients who rely on business to provide essential services in areas such as health care, transport and security,” said Chris Lamont.
Switching to the NBN has been a major issue for businesses across the region with just over 60 per cent of businesses surveyed indicating the process was ‘somewhat to very disruptive’. 
“Over 150 businesses across the region have taken the time to share their experiences with us and unfortunately many of the experiences have resulted in a loss of business or additional expense.  Concerns include drop-outs, long delays in getting follow up maintenance and confusion in respect to who is responsible for what,” said Chris Lamont.
Data from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) shows the majority of complaints about services delivered over the NBN were from residential consumers (86%), with small businesses accounting for 13.7% of complaints and the remainder (0.3%) received from not for profit and other