The NSW Business Chamber advocates on behalf of its members for progress on the Central Coast.

It was no different during the recent state election, when the Chamber reminded all levels of government how important it was to resolve our youth unemployment and transport problems, so that we can future proof our region for growth.

The Chamber ran a campaign during the election, to Keep NSW Number 1 which focused heavily on building skills for the future, tackling youth unemployment and improving transport connectivity on the Central Coast. The campaign was highly successful and achieved in excess of 32 million impressions in the media – a fantastic effort.

Our advocacy has already seen some success with the Federal Government stating last week that should it win another term, it will locate one of the 10 Industry Training Hubs it announced in the recent Federal Budget, on the Central Coast.

The announcement has been positively welcomed by our members and is a great example of how the efforts of NSW Business Chamber, on behalf of its members, are listened to by all levels of government.

Behind the scenes, some very engaged members of our business community work closely with our office to provide valuable input and feedback on our advocacy.

These members make up the NSW Business Chamber’s Regional Advisory Council. If you’d like to be a Regional Councillor, I invite you to apply.

Nominations for the Central Coast’s Regional Advisory Council

Every two years, Regional Councillors are elected to the Regional Advisory Council (RAC). The Central Coast RAC consists of up to 20 members.

The RAC meets regularly throughout the year initiating and facilitating innovative projects and programs that improve and sustain business performance for the Central Coast.  

If you are a financial member and wish to nominate, please email for more information. Entries are due by 24 May 2019.

Our next scheduled event is the Workplace Update which will cover the latest industrial relations changes on 1 March 2019. Please click here for more information.

Enjoy this month’s edition of e-news and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Paula Martin – Regional Director, Central Coast