Small and medium business represent over two thirds of the Australian workforce. But up to 70% are failing to grow due to a lack of innovation, strategic direction and engagement of technology. For many, the style of marketing needed to boost beyond medium revenue return is often beyond reach.

Written by Cathryn Irvine, Founder and CEO of Deep See Marketing

Many medium businesses have grown through hard work and determination but staying there or growing further is tough. Utilising external consultants leverages the value of limited contracts and fresh thinking

I am a marketing specialist gifted at pinpointing solutions that solve pain points to deliver revenue goals. My team and I work with medium businesses that are frustrated with expensive marketing efforts that don’t deliver results.

After almost 30 years, my knowledge spans both mainstream and digital marketing, with Google certifications in analytics and multiple media.

I can pinpoint business pain points quickly, create opportunities for differentiation then identify and bring in the perfect team to implement solutions.

As a past direct marketer, I am focused on research, understanding the business landscape and bringing all marketing efforts back to a tangible and achievable cost per acquisition, making goals clear and transparent for my clients.

Growing up in a hugely successful small business family I understands the pressures of driving business success and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise for my clients’ success.

Deep See Marketing is a new member to the NSW Business Chamber and is excited about emerging opportunities to get businesses turning stronger growth.