With the support of the Chamber, our member Acrylic Technologies Australia and their NSW based C-COAT team have recently completed a pilot project with a local high school – Dapto High School – as part of a research project with NSW Education Infrastructure.

The project included applying a revolutionary ceramic thermal insulation paint to one of the schools new buildings.

The pilot project at Dapto High School saw the product applied over the new staff room that was built by the school’s Building and Construction students, with fantastic results.

“Applying our product will help the school save up to 30% of their energy bills. This is because it both reflects heat and insulates in both summer and winter,” said Acrylic Technologies Australia Director, Serge Popovich.

“The School Principal Mr Andrew Fitzsimons is very satisfied with results as the experience of much lower temperatures than outside was immediately obvious.”

The C-COAT team recently attended a presentation at the Sustainability Forum, organised by Government Architect Education NSW.

“We learned that C-COAT ceramic thermo-insulation provides a perfect fit for this great initiative by NSW Education as it is a great importance to have the right materials and knowledge integrated as implemented in published in Design Guide for Public Schools NSW,” added Serge.

C-COAT ceramic thermo-insulation was developed originally for the space program and is used to enhance the thermal properties of:
  • Residential buildings on both interior and exterior walls where it will also save in overall maintenance and improve residents’ comfort
  • Commercial buildings and factories to save on running costs due to less demand for heating and air conditioning
  • Industrial pipelines, tanks and more where it is used to insulate even the hardest-to-reach areas.
To find out more about C-COAT and Acrylic Technologies Australia, visit their website. Acrylic Technologies Australia has been a member of NSW Business Chamber since 2015.