The Western Sydney Business Chamber has applauded the start of major construction works for the first stage of Parramatta Light Rail and looks forward to announcements on the future of Stage 2.

Body: The Western Sydney Business Chamber has been a vocal advocate for the development of Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 (Westmead to Carlingford) and Stage 2 (Rydalmere to Sydney Olympic Park) as a transformative project that will link the city of Parramatta with its neighbouring communities.
“We’ve been waiting for many years to see the concept of a Parramatta Light Rail network take shape and now in the next few months we will see the start of major works to start putting the tracks in the ground,” said David Borger, Executive Director of the Western Sydney Business Chamber.
“Parramatta Light Rail is about creating a backbone public transport network that has Sydney’s Central City of Parramatta at its core and establishes the city as a destination in its own right, not just a major commuter hub to travel to the east.
“The City of Parramatta is rapidly becoming a mature jobs market for the heart of Sydney and that means we need better and localised public transport to link the people of Western Sydney with these new accessible jobs.”