Sara Cheng, Acting Head of International Business at NSW Business Chamber shares the recent success of the Chamber’s first ever investment roadshow in the region.

Tell us about the roadshow
Late last year the Chamber, supported by the China Council for International Trade (the top Chinese government agency for trade and investment), and Austrade showcased 5 Australian businesses with 9 special projects on a roadshow throughout China.

We visited 4 major cities over 5 jam-packed days – Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen and Shenzhen – all considered to have a high demand for investment projects in Australia.

Why was it important?
It was the first ever investment roadshow we’ve taken overseas, and also the largest China investment roadshow Australia has organised to the country in recent years!

The 200 investors were handpicked by China Practice, a division of NSW Business Chamber, and included private equities, venture capitals, institutional investors, industry investors and angel investors.

What are Chinese investors looking for?
The investors we visited expressed strong interest in sectors we were representing, including: financial technology, medical technology, education and training, agribusiness, manufacturing and consumer goods production. 

The investors are aiming to diversifying investment risks. They’re looking to better control supply and distribution channels, and secure the most advanced technology and established brands by investing in Australia.

What are the challenges?
The key challenge for Australian businesses looking for Chinese investment is they often struggle to really understand investors’ needs, and to structure a good deal.

We see lots of ‘undercooked’ and ‘overcooked’ projects looking for Chinese investors, and that’s where we step in. We help set up direct meetings with the investor, face-to-face – reducing costs and increasing the chance of investment.

Was the roadshow successful?
Yes! A number of businesses are in the process of negotiating deals and have signed non-disclosure agreements with the investors. These are multi-million dollar deals, it’s an amazing result.  

We’re planning another roadshow for the 2nd half of 2019. You can talk to our team via NSW Business Chamber hotline 13 26 96 for updates and details.