What HR managers and business owners need to know about workforce management in the new year.

People managers are in the spotlight
Top workforce think tank The Workforce Institute at Kronos predict organisations will place an increased focus on leadership and development as a retention strategy in 2019.
And who are they targeting? Millennials. As baby boomers enter retirement age, millennials are entering people management positions. But they want an entirely different experience when it comes to being managed themselves.
The millennial workforce considers all perspectives when making career decisions and organisations should seek innovative ways to inspire, develop and grow to keep the top talent that drives their business value.
“Millennials want things completely customised. They want things a little bit different when they manage and are managed,” says Charles DeWitt, Kronos Managing Director – Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.
“Millennials want engagement with their employers, they want more from the company they work for. They want to feel connected to the organisation.” 
Keep this in mind as millennials work their way up in your business as it may be the difference between a long-time employee and a high turnover rate.
Changing face of education
The Workforce Institute predict tomorrow’s best employees may take an unconventional path to employment in the future. Abilities that once required a degree – coding, robotics and data analytics – are being redefined as skilled trades.
“The cost of education is higher and a lot of people are asking themselves – do I really want to go to university? Is the cost worth it? They come out with a tremendous amount of debt,” explains Charles.

“But if you’re a good coder for instance, you can get jobs all day long! Everybody’s out there doing their side hustle.
“If I can go out and make significant amount of money on my own by having a little bit of hustle and leveraging the opportunities out there in the gig economy. Why wouldn’t I do that instead of the traditional university, internship, ‘pay my dues’ path?”
Employers will need to be more open-minded when recruiting and prioritise upskilling their existing staff.
Work your way
All employees – salaried, hourly or those who work in the gig economy – crave control over when, where and how they work. The focus for business is to now ensure they have the tools to adapt to where employees naturally want to work – on their mobile, tablet or favourite social media platform, suggests The Workforce Institute. 
“Not every industry is amendable to the work-from-home type of flexibility but there are ways in many industries where businesses can accommodate the need,” explains Charles.
“A great place to start is with your mindset. We need to trust people to do their work when they should.”
You can find out more about The Workforce Institute at Kronos and their 2019 predictions here.
"All employees – salaried, hourly or those who work in the gig economy – crave control over when, where and how they work..."