We are extremely saddened by the impact of the unprecedented bushfires across the country. Our thoughts are with those affected by this catastrophe

The crisis has affected many of our members and local communities around the country. We applaud the extraordinary efforts and responses of firefighters, emergency services and volunteers everywhere for their bravery and resilience against these horrific fires.

Immediate support through GIVIT

NSW Business Chamber has made an initial cash donation to GIVIT to help those impacted through the distribution of much-needed goods in affected communities.

As GIVIT source all of the goods they provide to those in need from local sources in impacted areas, their approach has the double impact of providing much needed support as well as injecting funds into local businesses.

You can donate to GIVIT here. All funds raised go directly to impacted communities.

Spend With Them

‘Spend With Them’ is a new Instagram account connecting users to bushfire-affected businesses. Spend With Them helps customers buy direct from farms, wineries, clothing shops and more to inject much needed revenue into the impacted communities.

Visit @spendwiththem on Instagram to find out more.

Bushfire recovery assistance

We encourage you to download this factsheet for more information about the range of assistance measures, grants and support available. If your business has been affected by the bushfires.

For more information and updates regarding the emergency, visit:


Employment advice

If your business has been directly impacted by bushfires, the Workplace Advice Line may be able to provide support in relation to your employer obligations. Feel confident you are doing the right thing by your employees throughout this challenging time.

We are offering employment advice to all bushfire affected employers on 13 29 59.

Health and wellbeing

Ensure your mental health and wellbeing, and that of those around you, remains a priority throughout this time. If you’re feeling distressed, anxious or overwhelmed, please seek professional support.

Free telephone support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from:

The Disaster Welfare Assistance Line is also available on 1800 018 444 for more information on personal hardship and distress assistance.

For business owners in bushfire affected areas who are experiencing unique issues and are uncertain about what action to take, contact our Business Hotline on 13 26 96 for additional support regarding practical or operational issues.

If you are outside of NSW


For more information related to bushfires impacting Victoria, visit Emergency VIC


For more information related to bushfires impacting Queensland, visit Queensland Disasters & Emergencies.

South Australia

For more information related to bushfires impacting South Australia, visit SA Disaster Recovery or the Department of Human Services.