If skyrocketing energy bills are hampering your ability to spend money on your business the Chamber’s new energy comparison service could let you splash the cash again.

Fast, easy and free, NSW Business Chamber’s comparison service can either save you money on energy, or confirm that you are on the best available rate.

Energy is the single most expensive overhead for many businesses. One in two NSW businesses consider energy prices to be a key cost control issue, according to a recent Business Conditions Survey.

To help ease some of the financial burden placed on business owners, the Chamber has established a free energy comparison service to help members and businesses across NSW. 

Angus McLellan, Managing Director of Zealous Hospitality in North Sydney (a member since 2010), recently used the service and was amazed by the savings. 

“I’m really pumped about this energy saving,” he said. “Within a week of talking to someone, it was turned around and I had changed power supply company and received an instant saving that I wasn’t expecting. I was expecting a little one, but it was almost 20% off my annual power bill. 

“What that can do for our bottom line is amazing. I can re-angle those funds into a beer fund or the whisky fund, or maybe a new coffee machine or something to keep my baristas happy.”

How it works

The Chamber’s energy experts will look for the best deal from 10 energy retailers and present you with the winning deal. If it turns out you’re already on the best deal, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you aren’t paying any more than you need to be.

We take the pain out of comparing by doing the research, making the switch and filling out all the paper work for you. All you need to do is send us your bill and we’ll take it from there. The service is completely obligation-free.

To hear more from Angus about his energy savings watch the video.

For more information or to book your free comparison today
What that can do for our bottom line is amazing. I can re-angle those funds into a beer fund or the whisky fund…