Finding time in your day to equip staff with new skills can seem impossible. But they can take your business to the next level.

Listening to local business leaders speak about the things that have been critical to their enterprise’s development and growth, I’m never surprised to hear them credit their people. Even when it’s a two person team, they acknowledge the other person for their business success.
Speaking with workplace culture expert Sandra Wood recently I was interested to hear that an extensive research study in 2011, funded by the Australian Government, found that Leadership was the factor that contributes most to a productive, profitable and high performing workplace.
It makes perfect sense that engaged, loyal and productive people in the workplace have a direct connection to good leadership (in the form of great managers) but we also know that it’s easy to let the day-to-day challenges of running a business and managing a multigenerational workforce get in the way of putting our best leadership intensions into play. 
So when we have businesses growing at a fast pace it make sense to equip our best people with the skills to manage new team members coming into the organisation. At the same time, if you have been looking for that X-factor that can take your business to the next level consider how a more engaged and productive team could help you to reach your goals for 2017/18.
When I started in the Regional Manager’s role here in the Northern Rivers in February I put the call out to members to give me their ideas for our yearly event program, including topics for member sessions and industry clusters.  
Leadership development and people management has been a common theme – with many business owners/managers seeing the value in improving these skills in the workplace.  However sending staff to seminars or training often based in Sydney or Brisbane makes the cost and time out of the business difficult to commit to.
As the perfect follow on to our Workplace Updates, held this month, Sandra Wood will share her “7 Leadership Secrets for increased productivity and profitability” in four Powering up your People sessions being held in mid-July. The sessions are being held in Grafton (18 July), Ballina (19 July), Lismore (19 July) and Tweed (20 July), and I encourage you to book a seat for you and your businesses managers now.
There is also great interest in behavioural economics (with a growing interest from businesses to get inside the minds of our customers) and digital disruption and readiness - always of interest when NBN is the centre of the discussion. We are exploring speakers for these topics and look forward to seeing our members at events over the next 12 months.
Finally, to all of our businesses of excellence, entering the Northern Rivers Regional Business Awards is another great way to shine the light on your team and be acknowledged their effort.  Let us know if you need any assistance. Entries close 24 July.
Till next month, yours in business
Jane Laverty
Regional Manager
When we have businesses growing at a fast pace it make sense to equip our best people with the skills to manage new team members coming into the organisation.