Hashtags are a great way to amplify your brand, boost a marketing campaign and keep in touch with your audience. Here’s how to #mastertheart

What is a hashtag?

Before it became a household term, hashtags referred to the hash mark symbol – #.

Things all changed when Twitter began using hashtags as a method of indexing keywords to help facilitate easy search results. Since then, almost every social media platform has been leveraging hashtags in the same way.

Why use hashtags?

Engagement: Using hashtags correctly can significantly increase engagement with your business. Twitter reports a 50% increase in engagement for brands who use hashtags, compared to those who don’t.

Brand building: You can build your brand with the right hashtags. By using a hashtag for promotional materials and new product launches you can generate excitement for your business and brand. 

You can leverage an existing pool or awareness of issues, lifestyle or acute need connected to your business!

Find your audience: Hashtags aren’t just handy if you’re trying to grow your brand, they’re also a great way to find your target audience. More specifically – they help your target audience find you!

How to use hashtags on every social network

Hootsuite outline the most effective way to use hashtags across your business’ social media channels, including best practice and the perfect number of hashtags per post. 

Twitter: Users can search the platform by hashtags so it’s no surprise that if you use an irrelevant hashtag, you won’t reach the audience you’re targeting. Be specific! 

Number of hashtags: 1 to 2 – e.g. #balanceforbetter

Instagram: Users can follow hashtags they like on Instagram, just like they can follow profiles. Make sure you’re using relevant hashtags only. Users can actually report your account is you keep using irrelevant ones.

Number of hashtags: 9 to 15 – e.g. #photooftheday

Facebook: The majority of Facebook accounts are private (only 28% are public). This means the ability to extend your reach is much lower than other social channels. To effectively use hashtags on Facebook, ensure they’re the same ones you’re using across your entire campaign.

Number of hashtags: 1 to 2 – e.g. #employeeappreciationday

LinkedIn: Using hashtags correctly on LinkedIn gives you a greater chance of being discovered by users following that hashtag. LinkedIn will often suggest appropriate hashtags before you publish your post. Just click the ones right for you – too easy!

Number of hashtags: 1 to 2  e.g. #smallbusiness

Next steps

Using hashtags allow you to make an impression on a wide social media audience. Make sure you’re sharing the best content, and making the #rightimpression