With millions available in grant money for all kinds of business, smart operators can pinpoint the right category with the best chance of success.

How to secure investment funding is a problem many businesses face. But for those in the know, there are a wealth of government grant and tender opportunities available!

Opportunities include non-industry specific funding, such as financial support for employers of trainees or apprenticeship, as well as those aimed at specific industries.

Grants are also available for all business stages and sectors, with many focusing on specific areas such as research and development funding, accessing export opportunities and product development.

What are the barriers?

While there are many opportunities out there, evidence suggests most businesses don’t know how to access grants. Barriers to accessing funds include:
  • not knowing where to find information about the opportunities
  • uncertainty about eligibility and the application process
But where’s the information?

There are a number of websites listing grants and tenders available at a local, state and national level. Most are free to search.

You can also register for free on the Federal and NSW Government websites (see below) to receive email notifications on tenders and grants in categories of your choice.

How to apply

Once you’ve identified a promising opportunity, you need to evaluate whether your business is eligible and can deliver on all the required elements including:
  • allocation of resources
  • staffing
  • reporting
Grants invite submissions for ideas on a project or service, while a tender is usually prepared in response to specific criteria and outcomes set by the funding body.
When writing the application it’s important to read all the documentation, understand the requirements, and address all the questions (even if they don’t seem relevant), backing up your claims with data, research and examples.

Where to find grants and tenders

Search for grants and tenders available Australia-wide.
NSW eTendering
Search for grants and tenders available at a state level.
Local government websites
Local councils often administer a range of grants and funding initiatives, including links. Check your local council’s website.
A federal government website providing essential information on planning, starting and growing your business. Search for grants by keyword and state.
Community Grant Ready
A List of grants and funding programs for community-based and not-for-profit organisations. Subscribe for free and search for grants by state, industry, activity or keyword.