It's now easier to access an untapped pool of talent and build trust in your community thanks to a new, comprehensive toolkit designed for helping employers hire people with disability.  

The Employer Toolkit is an online resource to help guide you through the entire process of employing people with disability.

Jason Triolo, Disability Inclusion Promotions Officer at NSW Business Chamber, says almost 20% of Australians live with disability.

“This toolkit can help your business make its hiring processes more inclusive, meaning you can access a huge, untapped pool of talent,” said Jason.

“It will help empower you to give Australians with disability looking for work the same opportunity as everyone else.”

The toolkit covers a range of topics relating to disability employment, including:

• creating inclusive policies
• finding and interviewing jobseekers with disability 
• making adjustments in the workplace

“Research shows the biggest barrier to hiring people with disability are concerns about integration, and a lack of awareness and understanding,” adds Jason. 

According to research in the Making it easier for small business to employ people with disability report, over 50% of the businesses surveyed were open to employing a person with a disability, but they didn’t have access to specific resources.

The toolkit is divided into 5 easy to understand sections. Each section contains a series of topics and advice that business owners and managers can access at their own pace. They are:

Disability employment basics

This section can help if you’re thinking of hiring a person with disability for the first time, or have an employee with disability already. It covers a few basics to make sure your employment practices are fair and accessible.

Fundamentals for organisations

Get to know your obligations as an employer hiring a person with disability and what support is available to you. This section also covers how to create and review relevant plans and policies. 

Recruiting people with disability

There’s a huge number of people with disability looking for work! You just need to know where to find them, how to attract the best talent and how to make your recruitment process accessible.

Getting the workplace ready

You may need to make changes to your workplace to make sure your employees can succeed in their day-to-day. You’ll find what you need, and details on available support to make those changes happen.

Managing your team

Once you’ve hired people with disability, it’s important to make sure they’re supported in the workplace, and for other team members to know how to be inclusive!

Next steps

For more information, visit the Employer Toolkit website.

If you have any questions, please email