Give a positive shock to the local economy this festive season.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Advocating for affordable and reliable energy is a priority for NSW Business Chamber, with the aim to reduce excessive network costs and concentration of wholesale and retail markets.

Present politicking seems to trump good policy, with an independent report on NSW Energy Price’s by St Vincent de Paul identifying Tamworth as having the highest combined energy (gas and electricity utilities) cost of approximately $4,090.

It’s estimated people living in regional and rural NSW are bearing the brunt of high electricity prices, paying up to $1,000 more for power each year. If New England North West residents are paying 16% more than other areas in NSW, than businesses who are often on high usage rates are too!

While we keep lobbying for long term changes in the energy market and reduction in prices, the Chamber believes businesses, their staff and the general public should be on the best deal possible immediately.

Which is why we’ve stepped between the retailers and consumers, providing a platform that is very easy, quick and free of charge – allowing us to compare energy offers in the market and get people on the best one!

We’ve already trialled our free comparison service discovering 8 out of every 10 businesses were not on the best deal, and on average saved an estimated $1,800 on annual energy bills for a business – and an estimated $400 on annual residential bills.

In the lead up to Christmas, we are facing one of the most challenging times in the Australian electricity market – higher prices are placing an enormous strain on business viability and household budgets.

Leveraging this simple solution to help local businesses reduce their overheads, residents to reduce their cost of living.

As a result we will see money which was otherwise going to big energy retailers, invested into our local community in such a joyful season.

Businesses or members of the public, if you want to compare the best deal available submit your latest bill online and request a phone call to obtain an energy comparison with no obligation.

As always, if you want to talk business, or have an opinion on what needs to be done to grow regional NSW, we are always looking for authentic local stories to help our advocacy efforts. Please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0429 993 822 or


Joe Townsend
Regional Manager – New England North West