Employees are often a business’s largest investment, asset and cost. Their performance, engagement and commitment to organisational objectives can therefore be critical.

Improving staff performance can require businesses and their leaders to closely consider ways to motivate their staff to perform better, contribute more and go the extra mile.

Leaders can have a profound impact on staff performance and behaviour in the workplace. Through their interactions, leaders have the potential to influence the extent to which their employees are motivated and contribute to organisational objectives.

If this is the case, the focus then becomes a leader’s ability to effectively build motivated behaviour among their people.

Motivational Leadership Alliance has developed a structured and practical approach for organisations and their leaders to build an inspired and motivated behaviour among employees referred to as Organisational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB).

The exciting feature of this distinct behaviour is that it may deliver significant improvements to the following areas of a business:
  • sales and revenue growth
  • customer experience and engagement
  • customer acquisition and retention
  • employee engagement, performance and commitment
  • competitive advantage and agility in the marketplace
  • staff retention.
A key element to cultivating this inspired behaviour is not only building motivation, but building the highest quality of motivation referred to as Autonomous Motivation. It is this type of motivation that gives rise to OCB in the workplace, which can benefit organisational performance.

Motivational Leadership Alliance has conducted extensive research in this area and has found that building OCB requires the carefully combined application of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and motivational leadership in the workplace.

The practical application of these also means adopting an approach that can be applied with ease and is relevant to the specific needs of an organisation. Once formed though, OCB may well place a business in a position to perform better, achieve greater returns and ultimately grow.

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Motivational Leadership Alliance have been a member of NSW Business Chamber since May 2018. They are based in Gordon, New South Wales.